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Welcome to Totally Awesome Massage & Wellness, where luxury is the standard of the day! We specialize in Couples Massage, Hot Stones, Essential Oils, Herbal Foot Soaks, and Same or Next Day Appointments.

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    Our therapists blend different modalities (techniques) to create the massage that fits your needs every time. If you have any questions about different techniques or special needs you have, feel free to ask us. Our rates are calculated by time, not technique, so you never have to worry about getting the right massage for you.
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    There are a number of different types of massage that can keep you at the top of your game in every area of your life. Your therapist will create a customized session to help you achieve your massage goals, be it therapeutic, relaxation, or a little bit of both.
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    Couples massage just happens to be one of our specialties...
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    A paraffin treatment uses warm oil-based wax to soothe chronic joint pain and relax stiff muscles, and improve blood flow to the treated area.
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    Foot soaks are not only relaxing to tired, achy feet, they affect the body as a whole. Depending on the ingredients used in the soak, it can be relaxing, uplifting, or energizing. A soak can also help reduce the symptoms of colds, flu, hypertension, and even reduce menstrual cramps.
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    Your lymphatic system IS your immune system, so when it does not function as it should, inflammation and impaired healing will follow. Lymphatic drainage is one of the easiest ways to keep yourself healthy. There are several areas where MLD (Manual Lymph Drainage) makes a significant difference.
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It’s summertime and the rain is slow in coming. Now is the time to go out and partake of all activities that summer affords us. Normally, this is also the time your Massage Therapist is going to remind you to stay hydrated. I will second that sentiment, but I am going to add one more. Even though we live in the Sunshine State, I hear people say that they don’t swim or go in the water. WHAT?!? This season, I am going to gently recommend that you find your way into the pool, the lakes, the rivers, the springs, even (gasp!) the beach. Why? Because on several levels, going swimming is one of the best “detox” and exercise solutions you can invest in. The gradient pressure of the water as you move through it stimulates your lymphatic system, helping to move stagnant metabolic waste out of your body. This strengthens your immune responses. (Plus, it’s way more fun than sweating out the junk.) Obviously, it is exercise. Water based exercises are great for those who suffer from achy joints, bad backs, and weight issues. Exercising in the water burns as many, if not more, calories as running with less strain on your body. Remember, in the water, your body weighs less than on solid ground. You get resistance training thrown in for good measure. And … no one enjoys heat stroke. Best of all, it is FUN. Nothing helps boost your immune system and reduce your weight as much as a plain, old fashioned good time. Plan to get out in the fresh air with some friends, family, or even by yourself for some down time in the water and watch how quickly your stress levels decrease and your muscles tone up. Love yourself this summer. Get your Vitamin D (but wear your sunscreen), get fit, get happy, and enjoy the outside!
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Welcome to the place where wellness begins within! While massage is our main focus, we offer several services orchestrated to help your body do what it was designed to do – fix itself – and we do it in a way that leaves you feeling…well, Totally Awesome. Wellness occurs on layers. The mind, the body, and the soul must be in balance. We seek to address that by enhancing your therapeutic experience. When you add the atmospheric influence and the benefits of therapeutic touch, you get a Totally Awesome experience. We use cold mist diffusers with specific oils designed for calming and deeper breathing throughout the entire office. Heated diffusers can alter the effectiveness of the essential oils while cool mist spreads the oils through the air, sanitizing the space and allowing everyone, even those passing through, to benefit from the oils. The flowing waterfalls, the soft music playing in the background, and the helpful, smiling staff help to make this the perfect environment for you to let go of the outside world (even if only for an hour at a time) and just live in the quiet of the moment. With our recessed reception area, you can show up a little early (or stay a little while after) and simply revel in the stillness. You are welcome to come by even if you don’t have an appointment! Our infused waters with flavors that change daily while providing hydration and aiding in helping your body flush metabolic waste. Every service offered is backed by the highest standards in education (ask us) and delivered with the utmost professionalism and care. The tools we use, like heated tables and essential oils can seem like extras, but here, they come standard with your massage. Massage is a necessity that feels like a luxury. When you make the choice to be well, do it the Totally Awesome way!   Schedule your appointment online, or feel free to call our office at (352) 789-6026.
I didn't have my first massage until the age of 40. I went to see Raquel at Totally Awesome Massage in Ocala, and I left wondering why on earth I waited so long! She is now on my list of weekly appointments!
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